Why Do We Deserve Animal Rights

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Although most people don’t believe non-human animals should have the same rights as humans, we should consider granting them more rights. The theory of animal rights is based upon the belief that animals deserve similar or equal rights to humans; the concept does not mean animals deserve the right to work or vote, but more of a right to live without being abused or having a torturous death. People who oppose animal rights believe that animals do not deserve even the basic rights considering they “lack mental or moral capacity,” Although people believe animals lack in such areas, they do not realize that animals can feel pain, loss, hurt and have thoughts of their own. If humans were treated the way animals are treated, we would beg for rights as well. Albeit, …show more content…

For people to claim that animals do not deserve, at least, the most basic right to live without having to be kidnapped as young and taken away for experimentation, entertainment, food or clothing, because they “lack morals” is demoralizing in itself. It is arrogant for humans to claim that animals do not deserve rights due to the fact that they are deficient in mental sufficiency. Animals are just as mentally capable as humans are, yet we look down on them for what reason? Having no voice to speak for themselves? There are many tests that show animals do not lack mental capacity, and, in some cases, can be more intelligent than humans are; if an animal is capable of having a mental illness, it would be ignorant to think that they lack mental capacity. If animals have the ability to have their own thoughts and feel, what

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