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Simple Halloween Costumes

The best part of Halloween is when we get to dress up and be anything we want from a mythical creature to a prince or princess. Costumes can be as simple or elaborate as you want them to be, Halloween holds no restrictions. Below is a list of some of the most simplistic Halloween costumes that anyone can pull off.
1. The Serial Killer: In order to accomplish the serial killer costume, dress normal. Serial killers look like normal people.
2. The Ghost: The ghost is one of the most simplistic Halloween costumes in existence. All you need to do is cut eye holes in a white sheet and you are a ghost.
3. The Murder Victim: A murder victim can be anyone. All you need is normal clothes that are torn and covered in fake …show more content…

The Angel: White clothes, white glitter, a halo, and fluffy wings and you will make a believable angel.
16. The Devil: Dark red clothes, horns, a tail, and a pitchfork, with these you will be the scariest devil in town.
17. The White Shirt: The best part about the white shirt is that you can write anything on it and it’s an instant Halloween costume.
18. Social Media: The newest trend is to dress like social media for Halloween.
19. 50 Shades of Grey or Any Color You Want: A clever play on the title, this costume utilizes paint color samples that you can find in any paint store attached to a shirt.
20. The College Student: All you need to do is put on a tank top and plaid pajama bottoms and you will make a very convincing college student.
21. The Nudist on Strike: This costume allows you to wear whatever you want because you are a nudist on strike.
22. YouTube: This costume requires you to create a picture frame like sign with a headline.
23. The Picture: All you need is a convincing frame.
24. A Donut: Take one of the inflatable pool toys and decorate it like your favorite donut and then wear it out.
25. The Rainbow: This requires you to dress in every color of the rainbow. You get extra points if you have a rainbow …show more content…

Frankenstein: To make a convincing Frankenstein you need to paint your whole face and exposed body parts green. Throw in a few stitches and you are good to go.
29. The Witch: A pointed hat and a broom goes a long way for a witch.
30. The Carrot: All you need is an oversized orange sweater and orange tights.
31. The White Rabbit: All you need is white ears, a white fuzzy bunny tail, a suit, and a pocket watch. Don’t be late.
32. The Knight: Knights come in all shapes and sizes. When you are out of chainmail, foil does the trick.
33. The Bird: Pick your favorite colors and glue feathers to your clothes, instant bird.
34. The Elderly: All you need is something that your grandparent would wear and a cane. Use temporary hair spray to give the illusion of grey hair.
35. The Toy Soldier: All you have to do is dress like a soldier and then paint everything green or army tan.
36. Harry Potter: In order to become Harry Potter, you need a large round pair of glasses and a lightning bolt scar, drawn in, of course.
37. The Hobbit: Dress your child up and give them a necklace with a toy ring and let them head off to Mordor.
38. Einstein: To become Albert Einstein, one must dress with suspenders and a crisp outfit. After that the hair must be styled as crazy as you can make

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