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Blackface in Cosplay Throughout the year hotels, convention centers, and other high capacity venues are transformed into a social haven and meeting ground for fellow Otakus and cosplay fans or cosplayers for short. The act of cosplay, the abbreviated form of “costume play”, is defined by Oxford Dictionary as “the practice of dressing up as a character from a movie, book, or video game, especially one from the Japanese genres of manga and anime”. However, there is much more to a cosplayer than this simple definition leads one to believe. To its most dedicated patrons, cosplay is an art form incorporating unlimited mediums, such as textile fabrication, woodworking, clay sculpting, resin casting, and even theatrical makeup. Some enthusiasts take cosplay far more seriously than a weekend social hobby. While some would be content with purchasing a commissioned piece or mass produced costume for their convention adventures others are not satisfied until they have handcrafted a masterpiece with 100% accuracy. These cosplayers will spend week or months and hundreds of dollars insure their costume is a perfect adaption of their selected character. Yet for some that is still not enough. There are those who will not be content until they have become the living embodiment of their chosen character. They become the method actors of cosplay, memorizing the characters personality, walk, quirks, and vocalics. Going even deeper into the realm of cosplay, there are still those who are so obsessed with becoming a character they will paint their skin, whether it be pink, grey, green, or any color in between. This is where a sensitive debate explodes. Coloring yourself grey or pink for your Marceline or Princess Bubblegum adventure time cosplays will ... ... middle of paper ... ...ver America does chose to censor and alter the appearance of certain anime characters who appear to resemble the Minstrel men in black face. For instance, Mr. Popo from Dragon Ball Z, a primitive speaking servant, has jet black skin, large bug eyes and large, red clown lips which are iconic features of minstrel show actors. Another example is the Pokemon Jynx, who also has large bug eyes, pink, bulbous clown lips, and shoe polish black skin. To combat the controversies, the American version of Mr. Popo was recolored blue and his lips were edited to be smaller. English dubbed Mr. Popo As stated in the beginning cosplayers will use actual makeup to change their skin color to their selected characters. While unnatural skin colors are accepted, the only time a cosplayer can paint their skin black with approval is when one is doing Dark Link or other shadow characters.

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