Analysis: The Mop-Up By Atul Gawande

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Diligence is a virtue. This is a theme Atul Gawande presents to the reader throughout Better: A Surgeon’s Notes on Performance. In each story, Gawande provides insight on medical studies he has previously embarked upon. For example, in “The Mop-up” the author tells us about a time when he went to India to observe the efforts to eradicate polio. Gawande explains how he followed a supervisor around and how vaccinations were performed. Additionally, in another chapter he debates on whether physicians should take part in death sentences. Throughout his adventures Gawande provides numerous enriching personal accounts of controversial events and what it is like to be a doctor; each with diligence playing a key part.

For the duration of the book,
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For instance, the crux represented in each chapter of Gawande’s novel is that physicians save lives. For centuries physicians have abided by the Hippocratic Oath, in essence stating that the individual will prevent, cure, and/or save the life of a patient to the best of their ability. With no doubt is this noticed throughout every portion of the book. This can be seen when Gawande explains the development of obstetrics, the tools used in childbirth, and how infant death rates through childbirth decreased. Additionally, another example of doctors at their finest when saving patients is shown when a Cincinnati hospital did everything in its power to increase the average life expectancy of cystic fibrosis patients. Although these cases show excellent performances in saving lives, every physician takes the Hippocratic Oath to state their willingness to help patients no matter what the cost…show more content…
This, as well as numerous others, are part of notable conclusions that Gawande leaves the reader with. Furthermore, he explains and shows how medicine always needs and will improve. One instance in which this is shown is in, “The Score,” where Gawande illustrates how the field of obstetrics was developed. In this chapter it is explained how specific techniques, such as forceps and cesarean section, are performed and how the Apgar score decreased infant death rates. In addition, another prime example of how improving medicine is helpful is shown in, “The Bell Curve.” In this section the author stresses how important it is to always try to improve medical success rate. In the case of, “The Bell Curve,” the improvement was within doctor to patient discussion. As can be seen these two sections are but a few of the prime examples on why it is important to always improve medicine. Yet another conclusion the author helps the reader to draw is that healthcare is complex. Healthcare is neither in favor of the patient nor the physician. This being said, healthcare still plays a key role in the health of patients. There are many notable conclusions and subjects in Better: A Surgeon’s Notes on Performance in which Gawande produces
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