Why Did The Dinosaur Extinction

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Scientists are still unbeknownst as to why exactly these dinosaurs - strong, unstoppable, and ginormous - met their end (SC10). Dinosaurs ruled the Earth during the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous periods (Bauer). This makes it difficult to fully understand how the dinosaurs did not survive extinction, but many scientists gravitate towards two hypotheses that disclose the annihilation of the dinosaurs. The first theory that paleontologists favor discussing is the theory that a celestial body crashed into the Earth and caused a worldwide climate change. Earth contains a sheet of rock that not only belongs to a period previous to the dinosaur extinction but also contains the mineral iridium. Scientists have been able to use iridium to back up this theory because it is a peculiar …show more content…

A person may ask themselves, “How did mammals survive the Cretaceous-Tertiary extinction, but not the dinosaurs?” Compared to dinosaurs, mammals are much more proficient at maintaining a specific body heat. They are also not as reliant on the climate’s temperatures. This made it much less painless for them to escape the heat and keep themselves cooled off. Mammals that lived in aquatic homes or lived in shelters beneath the sand were spared the intensified heat that was subsequent to the asteroid hitting Earth. Dinosaurs were entirely unprotected from the raging heat that was covering the surface (Switek). Any of them that were found to be out in the wide open would have instantaneously burned to their demise (Bascom). Similar to reptiles, dinosaurs were covered in a scaly skin and lived in environments that were barren, dry, and parched (Naish and Barrett). This made is even more difficult for dinosaurs to adapt to the ever-changing

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