Why Animal Testing?

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In 2012 19.5 million animals died due to animal experimentation (Animal Testing Statistics). Since then, the number of procedures has slowly continued to increase. Even though cosmetic testing on animals has become illegal, animal testing continues in other areas. Animals are tested on to research cures for multiple diseases, house chemicals, and cosmetic products. Although testing has helped scientific research, it is not always reliable, and there are more accurate alternatives to animal testing. In a student survey that I took 19/30 students believed that animal testing is wrong. But, only four out of 30 students answered they would be willing to volunteer for testing (even without death as a result). With humans barely even willing to be experimented on, why is it okay for it to happen with animals? Even with alternatives, animal testing continues. Some of it is for a good cause, but the alternatives prove to be more accurate than if animals were tested on. “The question is not, can they reason, nor, can they talk. But, can they suffer?” (Benthem 1). This quote does well to explain partly why animal testing is not okay. Even though animals do not speak against experimentation, their lack of speaking does not make it right to test on them. Each day many mice, rabbits, and even small dogs become subject to tests without any say. “After all, it’s humans we treat in the hospital, not mice” (Thomas, 1). Professor Thomas tells how animals are experimented on for treatments meant for humans. So, why are the animals being tested? Animals suffer so that humans can be cured. Humans do not get tested on, the animals do, and the animals are the ones who endure the pain. Testing for methods to cure diseases should be experimented on human... ... middle of paper ... ...e=youtu.be>. NEAVS "Harm and Suffering | Animal Use in Research." Harm and Suffering | Animal Use in Research. NEAVS, n.d. Web. 4 May 2014. . PETA "Alternatives to Animal Testing." PETA. PETA, n.d. Web. 5 May 2014. . Pippin, Christopher Anderegg, Kathy Archibald, Jarrod Bailey, Murry J. Cohen, Stephen R. Kaufman, and John J. "The Value of Animal Experimentation Is Exaggerated." Current Controversies: Rights of Animals. Ed. Debra A. Miller. Detroit: Greenhaven Press, 2009. Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center. Gale. LIBERTY HIGH SCHOOL - AZ. 29 Apr. 2014 .
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