Who Is Miley Ray Cyrus?

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Introduction Miley Ray Cyrus was born on November 23, 1992 in Franklin, Tennessee. Her birth name was originally Destiny Hope Cyrus because her parents thought she would bring destiny and hope to the world. She legally changed her name to Miley Ray in 2008 when she was 15. Her mother is Tish Cyrus and her father is actor and country music star Billy Ray Cyrus (Shea). Well known for his song, “Achy Breaky Heart”. She began her career in 2001 at nine years old with small tv shows. However, her career skyrocketed in 2006 when she landed the role in the Disney channel show Hannah Montana. She played the character Miley Stewart who had another life as popstar Hannah Montana. The show had four seasons which lasted until 2011 (Shea). While doing the show she also focused on some other acting roles and also her music career. Also before the showed ended in 2011 she…show more content…
From being Hannah Montana during her pre-adolesent years to being on tv and movies screens in her young adult years. She has always been exposed and very open about herself. In a Billboard interview she talked openly about her life including her stance on drugs, politics and her everyday life. She stated, ““I love talking to people, and I approach them in a normal, ‘Don’t treat me different, ’cause I’m not’ way. That’s what started this evolution for me, getting out of my Dead Petz phase,” she says, referring to her 2015 album, the tour for which featured her in a unicorn outfit with a strap-on phallus. “People stare at me anyway, but people stare at me a lot when I’m dressed as a [freaking] cat”” (Norris, 2017). While sharing herself with the world Miley is exhibiting Jung's theory of extraversion. Jung theorized that, “exteraversion is an attitude in which the psyche is oriented outward to the objective world” (Engler, 2014, p 73). Miley is more comfortable with her outside and exposed life. She has a very strong attitude and way of speaking that

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