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Heather Padgett Padgett 1 Mrs. Pollock English Comp. 111304 February 12, 2014 Sadie Vs. Miley Modesty vs. Floozy is how I would describe the difference between Miley Cyrus and Sadie Robertson. Both young girls have spent their teenage years in the spotlight surrounded by tabloids, the media, television, and money. Each one has taken completely different roads throughout the fame and fortune, and each one has had some type of impact on people throughout America. They have also had the same amount of exposure in the media, starting at a young age. Miley Cyrus is well known for her “twerking”, which she wore clothing that appeared to be underwear on national television during an awards show, watched by millions of people, including young children. Another promiscuous appearance was during her Wrecking Ball performance, where she appeared to be naked. Miley also enjoys drug use, and is very open when talking about it. In a 2013 interview, Miley said marijuana was "the best drug on earth" and called it, along with MDMA (ecstasy) a "happy drug”. During a different music awards show, Miley also smoked what appeared to be a joint while on stage, causing so much controversy, American TV programs censored the entire portion of the show so it would not appear on national television in the United States. During an interview earlier this year, Miley stated “I love weed, and I just love getting stoned.” Sadie Robertson is well known from the TV show Duck Dynasty. The show is about a family that is built around their faith for Christ, prayer, and modesty. Sadie has been an inspiration to thousands of young girls through her classiness, modesty, and conservativeness. The heading of her twitter account reads “Charm is deceptive and... ... middle of paper ... ...llowing in the same footsteps as his daughter. On the other hand, Sadie Robertson’s clothing line is said to have to be “Daddy approved”. Both girls have reported to be “in Christian faith”. Miley is an avid supporter of gay rights and is extremely vocal in this topic; even having a tattoo of an equal sign on her right ring finger. Sadie and her family recently had a big controversy from her grandfather stating “homosexuality is a sin.” Sadie Padgett 3 reacted by saying “We all know this is in Gods hands.” Sadie is now touring America and speaking to teenagers and young adults, and anyone else that will attend, about her Christian faith. She talks with these young women about topics such as the importance of abstinence, dressing appropriately, and Gods word through scripture. This goes to show that a person is a product of their environment; positive or negative.

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