Where Will You Be When Reality Strikes?: "Heaven's Gates and Hell's Flames"

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One of the biggest questions of mankind hovers over many people, and yet, some individuals chose to ignore the fact that the question even exists. Whether a person goes to church every Sunday, or doesn’t attend church at all, the person is still responsible for knowing whether or not they will go to heaven or hell. Many misconceptions are flowing around the minds of people across the world about what gets you into heaven. The drama Heaven’s Gates and Hell’s Flames is based on an evangelical interpretation of the Gospel, and presents the message that one must believe in Jesus in order to be saved and go to Heaven, or face eternal punishment in Hell. The production of Heaven’s Gates and Hell’s Flames displays the consequences of our actions, both positive and negative, revealing that one must believe in Jesus Christ to live for eternity in Heaven.

To begin with, Heaven’s Gates and Hell’s Flames took place on Halloween weekend, the night the devil reigns. Halloween is known for a night of evil and horror which made that night very appropriate for the drama to be performed. It was a very successful turn out because of the Halloween weekend, and the fact that many people are losing faith in their lives due to stress, and problems the economic recession is causing them. People are looking for something solid, something or someone that will not desert or disappoint them; they sought the right place. Instead of going out and drinking or watching horror films all night, many Christians and non-Christians alike walked through First Assembly’s doors of Fargo, ND at 7:00 or 10:00 pm to experience a drama like nothing before. Admission was free, and free pizza followed the ten o’clock show. Keeping it a free event helped bring in a larger c...

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... simple task. At the same time, a person usually thinks of what is located behind the gate. This is typically something so pleasant it must be kept guarded and only people worthy enough can enter. Most people would find heavenly gates a much more attractive destination than the thought of flames torturing a person the rest of their eternity in Hell.

To conclude, Heaven’s Gates and Hell’s Flames shows its audience what it takes to get into Heaven and what causes you to be thrown in Hell. I was reminded that a person cannot live on the line between Christianity and what the world has to offer. [Remember that a critical essay requires you to be objective.] Also, someone cannot make excuses just to make themselves feel better about the sins they are committing. A drama like this one opens the eyes of the viewer to what really is needed for an eternal life in Heaven.
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