When The American Dreams Collide In Vonnegut's The Great Gatsby

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When The American Dreams Collide
When life has constrictions and restrictions conspicuous consumption may not be the appropriate thing to do. As stated on the online dictionary it can be defined as the expenditure on or consumption of luxuries on a lavish scale on the attempt to enhance one’s prestige. In other words items and materials such as clothing, cars, and houses are materialistic pieces of matter that can make you more of an influence. The American dream would be best defined as equal opportunity for all. The American dream would also be best defined as the life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. This was given in the Declaration of Independence, which are unalienable acts that cannot be taken away. There are different types of versions of the American dream. In Vonnegut’s story “Harrison Bergeron” you have a society that is being oppressed and molded into this incomplete way if thinking, so they’re looking at the American dream through a glass ceiling. In Fitzgerald’s story “The Great Gatsby” the American is more obtainable and realistic. They are able to spend, no one person has to be the same, and equality is something that is not forced.
Speaking of the unalienable acts that cannot be taken away we have the story “Harrison Bergeron” that speaks about
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West Egg is the part of town belonging to the “new rich,” meaning the people who recently acquired their assets. On the other hand East Egg is the side of town where you have the new money, which are the people who have been having money from generation to generation. People with new money, which are the West Eggers, do not know exactly how to spend their money. They spend it foolishly such as Gatsby, who spends his assets by throwing parties, and inviting people without even really knowing them. The East Eggers on the other hand would be tasteless people who believe that money can make you happy, and with it you will never be
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