What is Socia Phobia?

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Body I. It is of great importance to be aware of the causes, signs and symptoms of this disorder that has become widely common among our children, young adults and even adults themselves. A. Understanding the causes of Social phobia is significant to the process of overcoming it. i. According to the National Institute of Mental Health there exists some evidence to prove that social phobia can be genetic as it affects about 15 million Americans, women, children and men alike. Also since researchers have uncovered the specific parts of the brain that directly correlate with dealing with fear and anxiety they will be able to understanding more about the scientific causes of social phobia. ii. This disorder as it has been seen to develop in adults and children, specifically in most cases it first develops when one is of a young age. The Targeted News Service in Washington D.C in 2011, Based on the new releases of the American Academy of Pediatrics claim that of the “12% of youth who identified themselves as shy may in fact have social phobia” And that 1 out of every 10 children who identify themselves as shy indeed suffer from social phobia. B. Sometimes it can be very difficult to identify the root of an issue especially when it is oneself the problem. This is what happened to 19 year old Sam who had to give an oral presentation in his mandatory college public speaking class. The Berkshire Eagle from Pittsfield Massachusetts in 2007 shared Sam’s story as such: he “arrived in class the day of his assignment ready to give his speech…Sam recalls feeling ‘pretty normal’” But, “During the speech, Sam began to feel edgy and shaky. Suddenly, his heart raced, stomach... ... middle of paper ... ...ide effects, these may include headache, nausea or insomnia. A type of antidepressants monoamine oxidase inhibitors, these are not the most common because they can become dangerous when mixed with other medications. Now a days we see the rise of addictions due to prescription drugs. So in most cases with people that suffer from social phobia they do not choose therapy OR medications but in fact they do both. Conclusion We have now discussed the ways which we can identify signs of social phobia and also some useful ways to treat them. It is important to know that if you do feel you may have a fear of being social with others, it doesn’t make you weird nor an outcast. So it’s important to put yourself out there, make friends and TALK. As proof that it can be done, here I am, giving a speech on social phobia when I was diagnosed with social phobia.

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