What is Great Art?

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What is Great Art?

I wonder what Clyde Butcher would say to me if I were to ask him to explain to me exactly how he feels when he is experiencing the Everglades and taking the amazing photographs of this beautiful place. Would his words come anywhere close to expressing his passion for the Everglades and other natural areas as his photographs do? Would his words be an even better explanation and expression of his feelings towards the Everglades than his photographs? How about Marjory Stoneman Douglas? What if I were to ask her to put her feelings and passion about the Everglades into a painting or into photographs? Would her works of visual art be a better representation of her connection with the Everglades than her literature? I think the better question is can any one person put their feelings for something into multiple forms such as verbal representation, literature, visual arts, or performing arts? You might have your occasional amazing talented person who can pretty much draw any painting, sing any song, or write any piece of literature and considered to be great at it. The reality is, however, that most people have their own individual way of expressing themselves whether it is in the form of art, literature, music, or in words. It all depends as to how they wish to transform their feelings and their passion.

When looking at Clyde Butcher’s photographs in his gallery, I was overcome by being able to see and experience the passion he has for the Everglades. His work showed me an angle of the Everglades that I had never seen before. His photographs opened my eyes to seeing the Everglades in a different way. My question then is this: would his photographs be considered great art? Is Clyde Butcher a great artist...

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...t create ideas based on truth. Because I am still searching for my own meaning for truth, I cannot agree nor disagree with this concept. I can say, however, that it makes more sense than simply looking to science and concrete facts for truth.

My personal resolve on the issues of great works of art and truth may not seem as concrete and sturdy as some may like, but it is as close to subjectivity that I can get without saying that a child who scribbles on a piece of paper because they lack the development of letters is a great artist. For me it is essential that as human beings, the subjective aspect of our lives must be a factor in any judgment that we make; whether it be art or truth. It is this subjectivity, passion, and emotion that make us human and not inhumane. With this personal insight, I leave you with two questions: what is great art; what is truth?

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