What is Effective Classroom Management?

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Introduction “Being an effective teacher is a unique journey, and classroom management is only one important factor that can make the journey more successful for both students and teachers” (Palumbo & Sanacore, 2007, p. 67). Classroom management is an important element in the successful day-to-day operation of any teaching environment. Good classroom management helps the teacher teach better and helps the students “shine” academically in the classroom. The first weeks of classes set the tone for the entire academic school year. A portion of the first weeks of every school year should be dedicated to learning and practicing classroom procedures and disciplinary actions (as a result of not adhering to the procedures). Classroom management is more than focusing on student behavior. In this paper, I will highlight and explore other areas of classroom management, such as prepared instruction, physical surroundings and displays, classroom rules, and positive energy. Prepared Instruction In the article entitled Classroom Management in Secondary Schools: A Study of Student Teachers’ Successful Strategies, one hundred forty-one secondary teachers were asked to present a description of an event about classroom management which they remember well from their own classroom experience. Sixty-eight of the one hundred forty-one accounts were randomly chosen to be analyzed and categorized in one of the eighteen successful strategies to build good classroom management. The article concludes that proper lesson preparation, arrangement, and implementation are methods to prevent poor behavior. “Nine teachers WHAT IS EFFECTIVE CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT? 3 reported attending expressly to their lesson planning, preparation, and execution so as to prec... ... middle of paper ... ...nition, and involvement—can be a positive influence on students to act more responsibly” (Lewis & Roache, 2011, p. 140). Works Cited Lewis, R. & Roache, J. (2011). Teacher’s views on the impact of classroom management on student responsibility. Australian Journal of Education. 55(2), 132 – 146 Lewis, R., Roache, J., & Romi, S. Coping styles as mediators of teachers’ classroom management techniques. 85, 53 – 68 Palumbo, A. & Sanacore, J. (November/December2007). Classroom management: Help for the beginning secondary school teacher. The Clearing House. 81(2), 67 – 70 Pedota, P. (March/April 2007). Strategies for effective classroom management in the secondary setting. The Clearing House. 80(4), 163 – 166 Zuckerman, J.T. (2007). Classroom management in secondary schools: A study of student teachers’ successful strategies. American Secondary Education. 35(2), 4 – 16
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