What did I learned in English this Year?

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School is believed to be a place designated for students to receive only academic lessons, but people don’t understand or get to imagine how school can influence and change their lives. In each class different subjects are taught, but besides test, notes, and books, schools are second homes where we all grow up. This year in English class, not only did I learned a bunch of academic stuff, but also personal life lessons.
Throughout the year, as a normal and regular English class, we learned more and worked on our reading, writing and English speaking skills. First, we learned to develop our reading skills by reading short stories, identifying their theme and making inferences. We also read three books: one of personal choice, Of Mice and Men and The Catcher in the Rye. Each time we read, we wrote annotations and had pop quizzes. We also studied vocabulary skills, we learned many new words, their parts of speech and how to infer a word’s meaning. The writing area was practiced and improved by writing journals, we learned some language and grammar rules and also how to develop an essa...
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