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The Gospel of Matthew is the most Jewish gospel in the New Testament. It is placed first in the New Testament because people find it to be the most helpful. It is the second written Gospel. This Gospel maintains the hope in Parousia, the final coming of Jesus Christ. This Gospel also presents a great concern: the mission of the Church to all nations is to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom. Jesus is presented as the new Moses in the Gospel of Matthew, who prophetically challenged his listeners to live the radical demands of beatitudinal living. Throughout this Gospel, Jesus serves as the fulfillment of Old Testament expectations. The 3 main examples given in the Gospel are: the birth of Emmanuel, Jesus’ parables, and Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a donkey. Two great examples of this is when Jesus (the Messiah) enters into Jerusalem in Matthew 21 and Jesus at the…show more content…
It was written in 70 CE by John Mark. John Mark was not an apostle, but he was an early Jewish convert to Christianity who lived in Jerusalem. The Gospel of Mark represents the first attempt to bring diverse stories about Jesus together. It was written in common Greek, otherwise known as Koine. The Messianic Secret, however, is a main focus in Mark’s Gospel. Jesus, the Son of God, is the Messiah who must suffer and die to enter into His glory. Basically, in order for the Son of God to return, he must suffer and die (for our sins) and enter in God’s glory. Jesus commanded silence about his Messianic mission. The first example of the Messianic Secret is in Mark 8:27-30. In this passage, Peter professes his faith. Jesus questioned Peter, asking “Who do you say I am?” Peter responded, “You are the Messiah.” Another great example of the Messianic Secret is in Mark 8:31-33. This passage is otherwise known as the first prophecy of passion. In this, Jesus predicts his death, explaining that he must endure endless abuse and suffering to repay for our

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