What Role Did Calvin Play In Early America

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he role of Calvinism played in the history of early America. The word Calvinism was defined as the protestant theological system of John Calvin and his successors, which develops Luthers doctrine of justification by faith alone and emphasizes the grace of God and the doctrine of predestination. hat Calvinism played a role in early American history because puritans came to America in order to convert people of their beliefs. One would think that they came to America for personal gain but they came with the intention of religion. Because of this they were a part of the American Revolution. the great revolutionary conflict which resulted in the formation of the American nation, was carried out mainly by Calvinists, many of whom had been trained in the rigidly Presbyterian college at Princeton.there were negative influences from Calvinism as well.Calvinists differed from Roman Catholics in their rejection of papal authority. Calvin came to embrace the idea of a “universal priesthood" in which believers did not need the daily ministration of …show more content…

There were exceptions. Puritan theologian Roger Williams was forced out of Massachusetts Bay Colony for advocating religious freedom (and separation of church and state) and ended up founding Rhode Island as a haven for the like-minded; and Thomas Hooker, for similar reasons, broke with the Massachusetts leadership to found Connecticut. But whereas in England, Puritans had to get along with Anglican and Presbyterian neighbors; and in Europe the Dutch and Swiss Puritans had to cohabit with Catholics and Lutherans, the Massachusetts Puritans wanted to establish a new, God-ruled, theocratic society all their own, and ecumenism was a threat to that, so it was not on their agenda. But, perhaps ironically, their organization was congregationalist, which made their theocratic government also

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