What Is Tough Guise

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Men perpetrate 90% of the violence in our society. In Tough Guise, the documentary looks at where this violence could be stemming from. Many don’t realize that as a society we push or expect guys to be “manly” meaning that have to be a certain way in order to be a man. Movies, are portraying violence with glory and drives the roots deeper that masculine violence is acceptable. Society can’t get past the old ideals and it’s shown throughout our culture. Tough guise, is an eye opening experience, the documentary shows a different perspective, an awareness about the pervasiveness of the media in our lives. The images of manhood in media play a big role in making and shaping cultural attitudes about manhood. Men’s and boys’ violence against women and girls is not genetically programmed, but rather is learned behavior. Nowadays our information comes from the media and is our source of learning for what going on. School shootings that have happened in the past are some examples that show the increasing violence of boys and men. In the covering of the shooting at Columbine most of the media missed the fact that the school shootings are not about just violence but about the violent masculinity. The focus seems to be more assertive on “youth violence,” or “kids killing kids”. But it isn’t just kids…show more content…
Biological masculinity should be distinguished from the learned standards from cultural standards. As culture evolves, so does our notion of what constitutes “manliness.” Manhood doesn’t mean that as men they have to be masculine and tough showing no emotion. And about the fact that men are just naturally more physical is true to certain degree, but it also a learned behavior from how our culture mostly media raises and influences them to be as well. Men shouldn’t have to be subjected to have to meet a level of masculine standard in order to be
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