What Is The Theme Of Night By Elie Wiesel

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The Terrifying Encounters in the Night
“The shock of this terrible awakening stayed with us for a long time” (Wiesel 818). The short story Night, by Elie Wiesel portrays the hardships of the nights he spent in the Holocaust. The story informs the reader of the many ongoings that Wiesel has before him when he enters into this setting. The story begins on the train ride to the internment camp called Auschwitz, leading to selection days and loss of others, to the nights of walking through the cold and hearing sweet tunes slowly be put out. Within Elie Wiesel’s story, Night, the author is communicating the message to keep pushing forward and to stay strong because even Wiesel is put through terrifying dreams from others and hard nights filled with sobbing but to him, it is like no one ever would understand.
The trip to the Holocaust was something that stayed with Elie Wiesel for a long time from the surrounding people and their minds driving them crazy through visions.
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In the short story, Night, by Elie Wiesel, he perfectly portrays this through himself and the stories he fills the writing with. With both the shocks of visions in the night falling to what may come next and also the heavy times that break a man down, Wiesel shows just how important it is to fight for your life and to push forward. In a world where this is no longer a scenario, there can still be times where a person feels there is no future for them, but this story shows those people that there is something that one will take out of these hard times and that there will be better ones after. There is always something that will pull a life all together and to Juliek it was his violin, “he was playing for his life. The whole of his life was gliding on the strings - his last hopes, his charred past, his extinguished future” (Wiesel

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