What Is The Difference Between College And High School Compare And Contrast Essay

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College and high schools are built for education purposes. While high school prepares you for college they both share similarities and differences. The class work to the environment, but the main goal of both is to help you reach our future career. College life is very intense and is basically a full time job. You can expect to have many tests and homework assignments. Most of your school work due dates will be very short. The quizzes and exams will be difficult to pass without studying. You will need a lot of time to study in order for you to pass your classes. You’ll have to write notes and gather information in class to prepare yourself for exams. Mostly all instructors will be professors and will expect you have speak proper. You can choose and pick your classes and schedule times you go to school .the professors will not tolerate any type of bad behavior. If so, you will be kick out or ask to leave. College classes are also pay for so this will be a waste of money. Getting in to college is also hard to do.…show more content…
The grades in high school will determined what college you’ll get accepted to. In order to succeed in both you have to meet some type of requirements. . They are both going to help with your future and grow you as a mature adult. School will teach you that cheating has consequences and will get you in big trouble. You will have access to many tutoring sessions and much help as needed. They will prepare you and give you information for a dreadful final exam. Some class’s subjects are very similar and are intro classes for college. High school and college will show you how to be responsible with your work While we often see school is always the same from high school to college .They do have similarities but the big difference is the classwork, your freedom and the environment around. The main goal for both is to help you and provide the knowledge you need for your future
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