What Is The Cons Of Texting And Driving Essay

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Texting and driving is a big issue in the twenty-first century because you can get in a car accident, it 's distracting and it 's very dangerous, states should take texting and driving more serious and should be illegal and against the law. The high school that I attended they brought At&t to speak to us about texting and driving. I remember they put a video game on and told us try to drive the car with one hand and on the other your texting. Every time someone was texting and trying to drive they hit got in an accident. The funny thing is right after school. My friends and I went to go get food right before track practice and someone was texting and driving and hit a car. The way it happened it felt as if it was planned but it was. It was so scary the driver almost hit another person walking trying to cross the street. One reason people should not text and drive because you can get in a car accident. I read that 330,000 injuries occur each year because of…show more content…
Also, when people text is like you’re driving with emotions. If your girl breaks up with you while you’re driving most likely you will press on the gas and you wouldn’t have full control of your car. People text while they are tired if driving and your tired is illegal texting and driving should also be illegal. People get killed or injured like every day just because of texting and driving so why are people not taking this serious. I asked Andrew Yates when is texting okay his response was “Texting and driving are never ever okay. Maybe if you are at a red light but other than that it’s still not okay to do it period.” I also asked Mohamed Kamara the same question and his response was “Texting and driving are never okay because us as humans we are not perfect so what we think it is okay to text and drive. I saw a couple of people while driving that hit another car because of texting and
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