What Is Courage Essay

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The word courage means “to bear true faith to your own beliefs.” Courage is what allows you to be pushed to your mental and physical limits and continue onwards. It is the root of success. Without courage, you would not be able to take that next step forward, or stand in front of thousands to give the speech that will change humanity. Staying true to your own beliefs; that is courage. Many people are under the misconception that courage has something to do with being in danger. That simply is not the case. The word courage has its origins dug into the Latin language. The Latin word "cor", meaning heart, is where courage first took its form. Courage is not just simply putting yourself in harms way because you were told …show more content…

There were strong heroic examples of military leaders choosing to ignore their military orders in order to save thousands or even just one person. There were the quiet, un-spread examples of students standing up against bullying. Every example that I came across had one thing in common; the person committing the courageous act was not doing so with the expectation of being praised. The person committing the courageous act was doing so because that is what they believed was right in their heart. It takes courage to not let others change or control what someone believes. All it takes to have courage is to have a …show more content…

Do you think courage is a good trait or a bad one? I believe courage is a good trait. In society today, everyone needs courage and conviction. Everyday decisions such as taste in clothes, the music I listen to, what I post to social media, the friends I choose and my faith and beliefs all require heart. With peer pressure and media influence, it is sometimes very hard to stand up for what I believe.

America was built on courage; without courage we would not have this wonderful country to call our home. The military is built on courage also they are taught to put others before themselves and serving so civilians can have freedom. Without courage, there would not be religion or great leaders. If scientists and doctors didn’t have courage, our health and technology would not be where it is today.

Courage to me is more than just being brave. A person can be extremely brave but do it for all the wrong reasons. Courage is doing the right thing no matter the consequences or being yourself even when it is the hardest to do

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