What Is A Freedom Fighter?

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If you look up the synonyms of the word ‘terrorist,’ you will see that freedom fighter is one of the synonyms listed. Although some may argue that only a terrorist uses violent means, freedom fighters do as well. The definition of a terrorist and a freedom fighter are the same: using violence to pursue political aim(s). Many believe a terrorist is only a terrorist, but what those do not realize is that ‘one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.’ There is not a clear distinction between what is a terrorist and what is a freedom fighter because the two terms are really based on perspective, which is subjective. This argument links back to the code of morals, and how supposedly there is a code of what is right and wrong. But because…show more content…
In America, we consider Al Qaeda as terrorists because they are responsible for the many innocent lives lost in 9/11. However, in a Muslim community, whether they are located in Muslim countries, or even America, some may view Al Qaeda as freedom fighters because of Al Qaeda’s motive behind the attacks. The reason for Al Qaeda attacking the United States was solely based on the oppression against Muslims by Americans alone. According to the most infamous leader and founder of Al Qaeda, Osama Bin Laden, he admitted that Al Qaeda’s intentions were to not kill innocent civilians, but to seek revenge on whoever oppressed the Muslim community. In the article titled The Us vs. Them Mentality: How Group Thinking Can Irrationally Divide Us, author Steven Handel mentions that, “But today many of these social categories and stereotypes are propagated by society, tradition, and culture. They aren’t relevant anymore, but we continue to believe them and in many ways they become self-fulfilling beliefs.” Many Americans consider Bin Laden a terrorist because he killed so many innocent civilians, but what Americans fail to realize is that although we killed Bin Laden in 2011, so we would be considered a terrorist. When President Barack Obama announced Bin Laden dead, America did not view this action as a sign of terrorism, but as a sign of fighting for…show more content…
In 1941, during the second World War, Japan attacked Pearl Harbor in Hawaii to prevent America from interfering with Japan’s military. In return, America dropped nuclear bombs on Hiroshima in Japan, killing many innocent civilians. As Americans, we do not view this bombing as an act of terrorism because we believe that doing this helped America free themselves from Japanese invasion. As for Japan, they viewed America as a terrorist because the lives of many civilians were lost in both of these battles, and both countries committed the same action. Anthony Pratkanis of Demonizing the Enemy a Hallmark of War, argues, “For most human beings, it takes an awful lot to allow them to kill another human being. The only way to do it is to justify the killing, to make the enemy look as evil as possible." Despite America bombing Hiroshima, Americans view their country as freedom fighters because Japan is seen as ‘the bad guy’ for attacking Pearl Harbor. If Japan’s actions make them a terrorist, then America is considered a terrorist as

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