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Symbolism in Don Quixote The Novel Don Quixote is a Spanish Novel written by Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra. This classic regularly tops the list for the greatest works of fiction ever published. Don Quixote is such a high rated novel because it is filled with adventure, comedy, political conflicts and symbolism. The symbolism in Don Quixote adds an abundance of importance behind many seemingly meaningless objects, scenarios and phrases. The idea that imagination often triumphs reality is often apparent in Don Quixote. One way that this idea is portrayed is through the symbolism of helmets throughout the novel. When wearing a helmet a person cannot see around them, only the narrow view …show more content…

(Which to be fair, a basin does resemble a helmet.) Don Quixote was riding near Sancho when a barber began riding towards them. The barber was wearing a basin on his head to protect him from the hot Sun. Don Quixote insisted that the basin was a helmet when Sancho insisted that it was simply a basin. Don Quixote wanted to challenge the barber to a dual because he suspected that the barber was a night. Don Quixote began to charge at the knight, causing the barber to ride away in fear and leave his basin behind. Don Quixote retrieved the “helmet” and believed that he had won the dual. Again, imagination had triumphed reality in Don Quixote’s …show more content…

Inns were full of people. The people in the inns were from many different classes of society. The people in the inns would have normally been segregated in the real world. However, the inns were a place where many different classes of people would meet to communicate and exchange stories of triumph and failures. The inns were also place of rest, food and corruption for many different types of people that occupied the inns. The inns represented social interaction and reality.
Sancho wanted to sleep in the inns, where he had food rest and an attachment to reality. The stories and different people helped him to be close to the real world that he actually lived in, rather than Don Quixote’s world, which was made of tall tales and chaos. While Don Quixote longed to sleep outside under the stars, like many knights did in his adventure books. This shows that Sancho was still sane and knew the difference between reality and imagination. However, it also goes to show exactly how insane that Don Quixote was. Also, it shows how alienated he was from the world that he lived

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