What Are The Pros And Cons Of Texting And Driving

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With the advancements of technology dating back centuries ago. It is not surprising to see so many lives lost due to distracted drivers. Distracted drivers put their lives and others’ lives in danger. A distracted driver is anyone that is: texting, adjusting the radio, talking to passengers, eating and drinking, or reading a map (Distraction). Texting and driving is responsible for roughly one million accidents per year. These accidents, along with the cognitive effects of being distracted while driving, need to be prevented by Americans to avoid future disasters. Driving “intexticated” is the act of texting and driving as Tech. SGT. Jason R. Bowers refers it too. It is becoming second nature to pick up our cellphones and begin texting to distract ourselves from the long exhausting journey ahead or to just reply to an urgent message. Author Bowers cites, “[a]ccording to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, texting…show more content…
For example, texting is a faster form of communication than talking on the phone which normally lead to extensive phone discussion. Its more to the point avoiding side conversations that would normally be address over a call (website). Also, nowadays people use acronyms for everything for instance OMW stands for “on my way” while NVM stands for “never mind.” Plus, sending messages with acronyms saves time and gives the driver the opportunities to focus on the road more. As a matter of fact, when making plans with friends and family texting is the simplest form of communication. Such as when somebody makes plays to pick their friend or family member up a simple OMW text can be type as he or she pulls out the drive way. Likewise, if you strolling down the highway a simple text like “NVM i cannot go” can be easily read and a “K (K for okay)” can be used to reply. Minimalizing the distraction but also being able to get points across in shortest amount of

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