What Are The Pros And Cons Of Capital Punishment

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Capital punishment-a criminal law used to punish offenders, it has been implemented for over a thousand years. But as the social development throughout the centuries, people start to questioning on the death penalty, questions like: “does death penalty actually play role in warning? “Does death penalty fit into the principles of Humanism?” are been controversy commonly over the years.
However, everyone has its personally view on capital punishment. One side agrees to maintain the death penalty as it is the most severe punishment for the offenders. On the contrary, other side thinks it should be abrogated because of the importance of human right. Today, I will be gathering both pros and cons of the death penalty and whether we should maintain
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Through execution, it warns people if you violate the law then is necessary to pay the price. And alerts perpetrator not to re-offending. But on the other hand, it is in the protection of the people 's security and rights. However, others who don’t agree with doubt that capital punishment does not play the role in education and warning very well. Very beginning of the death sentence in US was happening in the 15th century, but the history proves the numbers of crimes offended did not reduce but increases after capital punishment has been loaded in the law. A statistic showing the state in the US that has the most crimes is the one executed the most death penalty. In addition, the mistakes cause in the death penalty crime cases is irreversible. Acknowledged as all human make mistakes, we are imperfection, even the judge. The mistakes in other punishments can be corrected, but not in death penalty, even found out later the offender was innocent, but nothing can be done in this situation. An ample…show more content…
An example of a heinous crime is the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995: 168 victims are confirmed dead and more than 680 innocent people are injured. From this; death sentence is an exclusive way to punish the perpetrators. But is actually true, the capital punishment is only used when beyond redemption? Known the death penalty is the state law to the condemnation of the offender, but this can be classified as judicial murder. These states accused the criminal behaviors, but also implementation of the death penalty, which come to a summary- capital punishment itself is contradictory. In addition, death sentence doesn’t give any chance for the offender to remorse and reform, which deprived of their human

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