What Are The Negative Effects Of Video Games?

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“Video games are bad for you? That 's what they said about rock n’ roll.” said Shigeru Miyamoto, a famous game designer. Video games have been in this world for approximately half a century. Children and teenagers spend almost every day in front of digital screen playing games. With the help of technology, video games have advanced from straightforward simple two-dimensional games to more realistic, and some life-like encounters. Many believe that playing video games unwind mind, and they are real workout of the brain since it involves an academic and higher level thinking. However, video game are indeed unsafe in light of the fact that they are useless and waste of time, push antisocial behavior, have a negative effect on adolescent development,…show more content…
First you would understand the problem and then make a hypothesis. Gamers must come with a hypothesis in a similar way student in a laboratory. For instance, players try different weapons and force to defeat an opponent. If one hypothesis does not come to work, they change hypothesis and try different theory or strategy next time. Video games are objective driven experiments, and key to learning. Schools can even replace tests with video games, suggests, Huma Yusuf, the author of an article “video games start to shape classroom curriculum”. Yusuf states, “Ironically, though, testing is the very thing that might curtail the use of video games in public schools. Many game designers complain that bowing to the pressure of standardized tests, such as those set up by the No Child Left Behind Act has forced teachers to push facts, not skills.” (Yusuf, Huma) Basically Yusuf is suggesting that videogames could be the perfect fit for testing, since it requires confidence, critical thinking, and skills to move on to harder levels; It also track the choices children make to further analyze children’s educational level. It can work perfect for tests, because students will be competing each other and try to get first place, which could force them to use as much information as possible. Student tend to score better in video games usually have good grades in school and makes them do better good overall life. Video games do better job at guiding children and follow instructions in order to have better results, which makes them obey

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