What Are The Negative Effects Of Beauty Pageants

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Child Beauty Pageants: Good, Bad, and the Ugly Imagine this, a six-year-old Mia is nervously waiting for her name to be called, just a few hours prior she begged her mom not to make her do this. Her mom bribes her with a new kitten that she knew Mia has been wanting for the past few months. Mia will do anything to get the kitten that has been promised to her if she does the pageant. Then, the show begins. Mia steps out onto the stage not thinking about the crown, kitten, or the judges, but she thinks to herself “am I beautiful enough?” Flippers (fake teeth), spray tans, hair and makeup are just the minimum amount of work that goes into preparing a young child for a beauty pageant. Young children who participate in these beauty pageants…show more content…
Nicole Hunter, a former child beauty queen competed in pageants when she was four-years-old. Hunter stated that “participating in beauty pageants forced her to confront her sexuality, which in turn lowered her self-esteem.” As Nicole was growing up, her mom would tell her that she needed to wear makeup when she did not have any on and talk about how she could improve her appearance making Nicole feel as though she is unattractive without makeup on her face. Nicole is one of many young girls and woman who now feel this way after being introduced to pageantry life at an early age. This illusion of being beautiful and winning the beauty pageants comes with a price as they children age to teenagers and then to womanhood. Situations like these cause beauty pageant contestants to question their natural beauty, and believe that without makeup they are not beautiful and being stripped of their identity. The pageant world is really cut throat and causes jealousy and hatred among other pageant contestants. “The thoughts of other contestants not liking others because they simply want to win the competition can cause for the contestant not to like themselves.” (“Long Term Effects”). Many thoughts of contestants not winning the crown are: Am I pretty enough or am I a loser? These thoughts can quickly lead young girls and woman to have self-hatred, which can easily lead to depression. Hunter also admitted that when she left the pageant industry she struggled with anorexia nervosa. The young ladies that compete in beauty pageants are not able to act their age. They have to grow up in an unhealthy environment that parents seem to think is acceptable. When parents have an attitude and belief system that can be detrimental to their child all one can do is hope the child turns out

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