What Are The External Factors Of Human Resource Management?

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Now, it is widely known that there is an extensive list of external factors that determine the success rate of a business. But there are a number of various internal factors that contribute to that very same success of an organization. Not only is the quality or quantity of the resources and technology that a company possesses that counts, but the employees and their skills also create a substantial part of a company’s success. Human resource management can sufficiently be defined as any and all of the “policies, practices and systems that influence employees ' behavior, attitudes and performance” (De Cieri). The practices of human resource management can give an organization the competitive advantage needed to maintain market share. Especially…show more content…
This is done by developing the knowledge and skills of their employees, also referred to as the human capital pool. The quality of a company’s human resource management team could affect their ability to adapt to changes, which in turn determines their competitiveness. Competitiveness in the business world could be defined as a company’s ability to maintain current market share and eventually work towards gaining market share in its industry field (De Cieri). There are numerous critical factors that an organization must take into careful consideration when being involved in human resources. First off, profitability used to satisfy shareholders must be ensured, while at the same time the need to be providing quality products or services to customers. Next, the company involved needs to weigh in its responsibilities and duties to the community it is connected with by ensuring that it is being environmentally friendly and by also getting involved in other beneficial ways as well. Furthermore, an organization needs to provide a desirable and safe working environment for its employees to ensure productivity and profitability. Human resource management is considered to be implemented strategically when the practices and processes involved are planned and driven towards achieving an organization’s goals (Noe). It can be suggested that recruitment…show more content…
It is suggested that by understanding cultural, social, demographic, and other diversities in the workplace, organization can improve employees ' sense of belonging. At times of organizational changes, this may help reduce stress in the workplace (De Cieri).” Management diversity can be initiated at three levels: the strategic level, where it plays a critical part to achieve organization’s success. The managerial level, where management practices are designed to support diversity. And the operational level is where diversity management is applied in the workplace. However, for diversity management to be effective, it is important that it takes place on all levels of the organization. A concept introduced by SC Johnson, the 'Compressed Work Week ', allows employees to compress their working week and enables them to leave work at 1:00 p.m. every Friday afternoon. This approach is used to maintain focus on working towards the business needs rather than the clock. This program includes flexible work options such as working from home, paid maternity leave, an employee recognition program, and an on-site gym. Management support is apparent for even the senior management is seen practicing a 'Compressed Work Week ' and leaving work at 1:00 p.m.
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