Whale Wars

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Whale Wars In the Antarctic Ocean, Japanese whalers hunt for whales. Could you imagine eating meat from an animal that you admire? The Japanese are saying that their being killed for scientific research, but in reality many people believe they are being eaten. Several organizations have helped to ban whaling, but all that ends up happening is reducing the amount of whales to be killed. In the Antarctic Ocean there are several whales such as the White Hump-Back, Grey Whales, and Minkes Whales. These whales are the only ones the Japanese whalers kill for their scientific research, why not other whales? The purpose of this research is to show if the population has grown and to find out the age of the whales. If the population of whales has increased Japanese whalers to be able to hunt for whales without any worries; since whaling was banned back in 1986 (MadMermaids Scuba Ltd.) Should whaling be banned? Commercial Whaling was banned back in 1986 by the International Whaling Commission (MadMermaids Scuba Ltd.). The reason it was banned back in 1986, was because in 1950, whales were consider threatened, then endangered in 1963. Some countries still continue to harpoon whales and it is currently aiming to hunt a total of 1,035 whales (MadMermaids Scuba Ltd.). After 12 years of business a sushi “Hump” restaurant has been closed for serving illegal whale meat (Barboza). The meat from endangered species cannot be sold legally or served in the United States. The whale meat is sold as a delicacy. It is more than likely that this is the real reason for whale hunting. Could you imagine going to your favorite restaurant and finding out you are being served an endangered species such as whale meat? The way Japanese whalers kill whales is ... ... middle of paper ... ...should do everything we can to ensure their future generations will be able to enjoy these fantastic creatures. Works Cited Barboza, Tony. "Santa Monica Sushi Restaurant to Close after Serving Whale Meat." 19 Mar. 2010. Web. 16 June 2010. . Engber, Daniel. "How Do You Kill a Whale?" Slate Magazine. 19 June 2006. Web. 16 June 2010. . EStreet. "Who We Are." Sea Shepherd. 2010. Web. 20 June 2010. . Scuba, MadMermaids. "STOP KILLING WHALES." SCUBA DIVE WEAR, DIVE FIJI - GROUP DIVE HOLIDAY, WHALE SWIM TONGA... MADMERMAIDS SCUBA LTD. 2006. Web. 16 June 2010. . "The Time Is Right for Bob Barker to Rescue the Whales." Sea Shepherd News. 5 Jan. 2010. Web. 16 June 2010. .

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