Were You Surprised By Anything The Documentary?

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1. Were you surprised by anything in the documentary? There were a couple things that did surprise me throughout the movie. One thing that surprised me the most was the fact that people that really cared about Mariya and Michelle worked on their wheelchairs for them. The fact that somebody close to them were able to customize the wheelchairs for them is so awesome to me and it’s such a useful resource. The fact that Jim and the other gentlemen that worked on the wheelchairs and make improvements is awesome to me. Another thing that surprised me was the fact that Michelle and Mariya’s parents left them to go on a vacation. At first I wasn’t sure how exactly they would be able to leave, but then when they said that they had three women come help the girls and their sister it made sense to me. Surprising probably isn’t the best word either, I would probably describe it as interesting because I’ve always wondered how it would look for parents to go away and it was nice to be able to see what all they have to do in order for a vacation. The cussing of the one littler girl was also surprising to me to. It was pretty humorous to hear a curse word come out of a little girl’s mouth and I’ve never heard a curse word sound so innocent. I definitely was not expecting the family to cuss, let alone any of the children, but those the Miller twins’ definitely have a whole lot of personality. I wish I had half the personality of them. One of the last things that surprised me, which is a little more serious is the fact that the doctor could only do one surgery at a time. As a parent, I would be so stressed out over a matter of two days rather than one. Another thing that surprised me about the surgery was the fact that it took them about a yea... ... middle of paper ... ...y be. They could have considered everyone instead of the majority for once. The statement above is so disgusting to me. To say that something is too expensive is ridiculous. For somebody’s wellbeing, it shouldn’t even be a problem. Those who are like Mariya and Michelle shouldn’t have to walk into a building with only one entrance that they can enter. Or even eliminating certain curbs in order for not only those with wheelchairs can get thru, but also may be less trips. The fact that removing something is too high is a bad excuse when it shouldn’t have even been there before. People should have been more considerate when designing and then there wouldn’t be a problem with anything. I’m sure that whether the cost is high, they could do something or ignore the cost and continue with removing barriers for the wellbeing of others and the accessibility of others as well.
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