Welfare And Poverty In The United States Welfare System

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110,489,000. 110,489,000, is the total amount of Americans who are on the nation’s welfare system as of the year 2015 (U.S. Department of Commerce). Welfare, is the social effort designed to promote the basic physical and material well-being of people in need by the government, for its’ people. The true birth of our welfare system began during the Great Depression era where, one quarter of the nations labor force was unemployed (wellfareinfo.org), resulting in American families to be impelled into the depths of poverty. Federal Aide given by the government has evolved from the pioneer programs, whom are: medical care (Medicaid), public housing, Works Progress Administration (WPA), food stamps and Supplemental Security Income (SSI); to today’s current wide spectrum of systems, who are such a vast volume, that they’re grouped into thirteen different…show more content…
These beneficiaries help create a higher minimal standard of living. When you create a higher minimal standard of living, it slims down the gap between rich and poor. Moreover when the country’s way of life rises with the minimum standard of living the country becomes more prosperous. “The goal of real healthcare reform must be high-quality, universal coverage in a cost-effective way”(Saunders). A down side of the American welfare system is the common occurrence of welfare fraud. Welfare fraud is the intentional misuse of state welfare systems by withholding information or giving false or inaccurate information. On average twenty to twenty-five cents out of every dollar spent on four government assistance programs is lost to fraud (Politifact). Senator Ron Johnson in 2011 cited a

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