We Must Work to Prevent Suicide

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Imagine someone’s best friend dies. Later this person discovers that their friend commit suicide. Envision this person’s feelings and all of the painful thoughts and memories going through their mind. This person probably feels intense sadness and maybe even betrayal. Do not forget the suicide victim’s parents. Their own child felt worthless enough to kill themselves. The students at the victim’s school have confusion, start rumors, and gossip. All of the victim’s friends feel as if the suicide happened because of them. Everyone feels as if they could have done something to prevent this tragic event. Suicide is a social issue rising in severity. Each year, over a million people commit suicide throughout the world. Suicide has the name of a leading cause of death in adolescents. Suicide, a worldwide social issue, occurs when a person’s life reaches an all-time low and usually happens because of untreated mental illnesses; suicide affects everyone that the victim has ever come in contact with and suicide rates can be reduced by people having an increased knowledge about what suicide is and how to help a friend if they are having suicidal thoughts or actions.
“Suicide is the act of deliberately killing oneself. People willingly take part in many activities that carry a risk of death. But to be considered suicide, death must be self-inflicted—that is, it must result from self-injury or from purposefully exposing oneself to immediate fatal harm” (Kaslow and Dunn). The reasons for committing suicide are often complex and the effects can be catastrophic to everyone that took part in the victim’s life. Suicidal thoughts and behavior exist in many teens and young adults however; statistics show that the elderly have a higher rate of suici...

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...inate suicide from happening, there are many ways to help prevent it.

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