Warriors Don T Cry Analysis

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The Battle for Justice
“It takes a warrior to fight a battle and survive. This here is a battle if I’ve ever seen one” (Beals 113). In the novel Warriors Don’t Cry, nine students from Little Rock Arkansas are set out on the battlefield for integration. Melba Pattillo and eight other friends are challenged with starting off the integration of Little Rock’s Central High School. The students were signed up and asked to attend the high school in hopes of getting rid of segregation. Although entering high school may seem as easy as signing in and going to class, the test and trials the Little Rock nine went through shows a true test of determination. Comparatively, the “Arab Spring”, a movement of protests in the Middle East, has caused controversy all over the world. Citizens are rebelling against an unfair government in hopes of create a new way of life. Tired of all the disrespect, unjust, and oppressive government Muslims and Middle Easterners have created a battle of their own. While trying to create a better life for themselves, the Little Rock Nine and those involved in the Arab Spring uprisings have stepped on to the battlefield for fair human rights.
September 4, 1957 was the date set for the Little Rock Nine to enter into Central High School. While making their way to find the others, Melba and her mother spotted Elizabeth, one of the nine, standing in the midst of a screaming mob. There were national guards towering over her, but none seemed to do anything to stop the threats. Although Elizabeth was frightened, she still tried to enter the school. Elizabeth tried finding a way into the school but, “Each time she approached, the soldiers closed ranks, shutting her out” (Beal 36). The National Guard was told by Governor Faub...

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...of great determination to increase human rights.
A serious battle is one worth fighting for. The Muslims and Middle Easterners are still fighting for their right for a fair government. They are tired of the disrespect. They’re tired of the humiliation and unnecessary tactics used by the government. They want more of a democracy, to be able to have a say in the laws that are over their people. Even though they have chosen violent ways they still are trying to make a change. Although the Little Rock Nine were not violent, they wanted to make a change, to better their lives and those of their families. They chose to challenge the government and with the support of outside help they accomplished their goals. Fighting a battle isn’t easy. You need to make sure you have the right tools to conquer. Sometimes the strongest armor you could wear is faith and determination.

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