War On Drugs Dbq

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During the late 1800's, the United States changed their methodical approach to drug policy. During this era, the US moved away from the practice of laissez-faire to one that is more authoritarian. Many will call this policy shift the start to the "War on Drugs". The(is) so-called "War on Drugs" started to shift the current population away from crime, dependence, and toxicity. On November 15, 1875, San Francisco implemented the nation's first anti-drug law. This law would make it a misdemeanor to operate or visit one of California's opium dens. California's law can metaphorically be considered the "first shot" to the War on Drugs. The war will continue to spiral out of control and congress pass the Harrison act of 1920 and the Marijuana Tax …show more content…

These laws can affect you as an individual, family, and friends. No one is free from the laws of war on drugs. Individuals who have drug passion chargers might find it hard to find jobs, college grants, and vote. Parents have been taken away from children and vice versa. These children now have to live life without a parent who is locked up in prison. There is countless overdose death from heroin that does not get reported because people are scared to get into trouble with the …show more content…

Drug laws have a history of being racially charged. The racism can date back to the first drug law put into place by California. This law targeted the Chinese individuals who were selling and smoking opium. The Reefer Madness of 1937, helped shape public opinion and ,depicted African Americans as murders and violent crimes when the smoked marijuana. Currently, in the state of Maryland if you are an African America you are twice as likely to be charged with a marijuana citation. If we want to live in a post-racial society we need to get rid of all drugs laws that are enforced among all

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