War Effects On Korea

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How did the war impact Korea?
The korean war caused a widespread of suffering among soldiers as well as civilians.No place was safe, families abandoned their homes;schools,hospitals and houses were bombed.Food supplies were destroyed and those left often did not reach the neediest koreans.Thousands of people were killed during battle.Diseases swept through cities killing many.Family members were separated by the war, and some are still separated today.The war created the world's most heavily fortified border.
Did the war impact North Korea differently than it impacted South Korea?
South Korea suffered 1,217,000 casualties and North Korea suffered 1,006,000.The destruction in North Korea was more severe than in the south.The total damage in North Korea was estimated as …show more content…

North Korea's ROK president Syngman Rhee,pulled his troops out of the UN command.He had his supporters emblazoned the city of Seoul with the words “go home, dammed Yankees”.These actions went ignored.Rhee said unification was out of the question unless the reunification was under his government.The United States would not assist him in fighting.If Rhee would cooperate in bringing the peace talks to a conclusion, the United States would help him rebuild his army to twenty divisions and provide him with long-term economic aid.The assistance would begin with a shipment of 100 pounds of food and $200 million payment,The Armistice agreement was signed on July 27th 1953.
What impact does the war have upon the U.S diplomacy within North and South Korea today?
The U.S army still keeps 37,000 soldiers along the border of North and South Korea.The United States commits its military power overseas for South Korea.However North Korea and the United States do not have diplomatic relations.South Korea and the U.S have mutual defense treaty to help the south defend itself against external aggressions.This year celebrates the 64th anniversary of the R.O.K and U.S

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