Walmart: A Comparative Analysis: Target Vs. Walmart

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Target vs. Walmart: Target vs. Walmart: A Comparative Analysis between Target and Walmart Robert Trammell Columbia Southern University Retail today is part of the American spirit. Nothing excites an American consumer more when they are convinced that they are saving money and getting a great deal. Consumers today are familiar with popular mass-market discount retailers such as Walmart and Target. Both of these discount retailers undeniably offer great value on their products that convinced the American public that shopping experience will lower their cost of living, which just can’t get shoppers off their fix. Additionally, Walmart and Target competitively sell the same goods such as apparel, home goods, and grocery to offer a more convenient way to shop for their consumers. However, what makes these companies have their own niche, is that they both offer attractive ways to entice the customer to…show more content…
Both Super Target and Super Walmart offer the same general setup of home, clothing, auto, garden, home improvement and grocery departments (Barnes, 2017.)Target is known for its main isles to be setup in accordance to department making a more convenient way to shop to maneuver through. The lighting is bright and the way the products are arranged is appealing. The aisles gleam, and the merchandise display makes you want to stay and shop. All of the products throughout the aisle are in relation to the department making products convenient and easy way to shop. Walmart also embraces the same setup. All of its items are related to its department for creating a convenient and fast way to shop. Walmart’s ambiance is not as bright making the store for it to be more of a low-budget department store. Even though both of these department stores are similar to its concept of brick and mortar, they both offer each offer a unique shopping experience to

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