Vulnerability And Weakness In Latin America

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Vulnerability and Strength: Women in Latin America
“Despite her modesty and vigilance of society, women is always vulnerable…She is submissive and open by nature” (Paz,38) The role of women has only been in question however one thing many see is that women are inferior to men in society. Through the life of a Quiche women in Guatemala to a rich educated woman in Mexico one thing that connects both was there status to men. In Latin America this is most apparent with the idea of machismo. However, through the book The Labyrinth of Solitude by Octavo Paz fails to look at women through her own perspective. In the reading from Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz looks beyond the limitations of women not as being weak but suppressed from the social order.
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The notions of women being vulnerability and submissive by nature has been implemented in the thinking of women as a whole. However, few realize the importance of women in society even to the present day. Women in Latin America and outside to the U.S are still treated inferior to men. Women are placed in roles like motherhood and in charge of home responsibilities. The idea of a women being in any way positions of power was seen as scandalous. Even in the present day in Mexico and other Latin countries, few women hold positions of power with in the country. Furthermore, machismo plays a significant role in the oppression of women where men must express their masculinity to assert his place. However, through violence women are subjected to violence which is the ultimate act of putting a woman in “her place”. Women are more than just mothers but women who have their own person. A male does not define the way a woman should be. Women like Sor Juana did the thing she loved most was to right but most importantly to gain knowledge. Education is fundamental in establishing oneself in society. While Octavo Paz does make an interesting point about hijos de la Chigada he defines Mexican women in one category which is not true. Women are not submissive by nature but because of society and ideas about machismo women are oppressed even in the present
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