Voter Suppression And The Government

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Voter suppression is no surprise in American Government. It goes unseen by most

of the public, or they realize the suppression of voters after the damage has already been

done. College students are an easy target considering many students don’t know as much

as they should know about the American government and its voting process. Why and

how are college students victims of voter suppression and what are the tactics used? It’s

unfair and wrong for political parties, or its affiliates, to sneakily find ways to keep

college students from voting. This political manipulation could strike doubt in the

government’s ability to hold true to its true purpose, which is to establish a government

for the people and by the people. Candidates are allowed to discuss their policies for

OUR government, but turn around and try to keep certain demographics for

implementing their fair say in the election of our political representatives. Political

Parties suppress votes of college students to manipulate the government while

disregarding the young’s input.

Tactics used to suppress college students from voting do not physically keep one

from voting, but are used by creating new laws that would prevent one’s ballot to be

casted. According to the Huffington Post, North Carolina’s college students fall a victim

to voter suppression tactics. Parties implemented ID laws which did not recognize college

IDs as a valid form of identification, nor can out of state students vote without a valid

North Carolina ID. One may use these tactics because 13.7% of college students are out

from out of state and will most likely not acquire a North Carolina ID card.

Also, in North Carolina, polling locations have been strategically mo...

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...s, and minorities are

on a rise in America’s population. As far as college students as a whole, there is a huge

increase in liberal ideology amongst the 18-25 demographic. According to a survey by

Quinnipiac University in 2012, 67 % of people in the years of 18-29 support the

legalization of marijuana, and 63% support same sex marriage. Republicans eliminated or

shortened Early/absentee voting simply because it is used by mostly Democratic

supporters. Republicans have a clear motive for attempting to suppress student voters,

most likely because Republicans fear the loss their footing within in the government and

will undoubtedly attempt to suppress groups with new liberal ideologies. The country, as

a whole, must push for a change in the government election process to where the elites do

not manipulate the very basis that our country is built upon.

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