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Violent media influence on the attitudes and behaviour of young people has been a hot topic of debate for decades. Critics say that violence in television, movies, and video games, desensitizes children to real effects that violence has on society and themselves. The problem is that teenagers tend to act on the behaviour seen in the television shows they watch and the video games they play every day. They shoot someone in a video game and not be able to distinguish that it is morally wrong to kill someone but to influence every day it does not affect them and they will grow up and be a savage. This subject is debated because of the profound effect that violence can in the future of society. The introduction of television violence has led many to theorize that chronic exposure to the act will desensitize some teenagers and cause them to develop the characteristics of a more aggressive.
Although the causes of violence are multifactor and include variables for individual biological vulnerability, psychiatric disorders, substance abuse and social conditions such as poverty, poor education, family psychopathology, and child abuse, research information quite interesting in showing that among the most important variable is the exposure adolescents to television violence are at much greater risk. Current research has confirmed the link between violence presented through a variety of media and aggressive behaviour. If young children also have ready access to firearms, then the likelihood of violent behaviour, for themselves and others, increased.

Exposure to violence in the media, both online and offline significantly associated with higher likelihood to simultaneously report seriously violent behaviours. Compar...

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...ven after decades of extensive research, the result are still weak as there are intense arguments from both side trying to prove that media violence is one of the factor that contributes to violent behaviour in teenagers or not. The reason is because violence is a crucial constituent of numerous individuals' lives. In the youth culture it's a major factor that is resulting in an increase rate of criminal activity since society is manipulated by the imagery they are viewing, resulting in them mimicking the portrayals displayed by the media. We also hope that our research will somehow create an awareness to teenagers out there on the dangerous effects of media violence in their everyday life. The government should also take actions in controlling the content of media by that are shown on the media so that it wouldn’t be easily exposed to the young mind and teenagers.
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