Violence In Lord Of The Flies Essay

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Essay 3: Lord of the Flies When it comes to the topics of violence, murder, and mayhem among children, most will readily agree that children who committed these acts did so because their environmental situation inspired it. However, like me, some are convinced that biological factors are the main reasons children commit violent acts. In William Golding’s Lord of the Flies, the seemingly innocent child named Jack has begun to change into the antagonist of the story when he paints on a menacing red and white face thickly striped with charcoal that stretches “across from right ear to left jaw” (63). Then he danced and started chuckling in a sinister way around a pool of water (64). Jack saw the reflection of himself this way in the pool and…show more content…
This was a decision met friendly within the group at first, but shortly thereafter, Jack seems to have a natural flare for leading and begins to swiftly shift most of the boys toward his way of thinking. Despite Ralph’s many attempts to keep a fire going in hopes for a rescue off the island, the boys did not see the need. At one point all the boys as a whole listened to Ralph’s commands for the last time. Ralph said, “I’m chief.” Let’s make sure. A ship may be near and there is no smoke to signal them. “Are you all off your rockers?” (Golding 108). Some may say the isolated environment caused the boys to argue with one another about the many issues that rose between them, but common sense seems to dictate the boys’ age related thinking made the majority of them decide to follow Jack’s belief that a fire was not important. If a fully mature group of men were on the island in the same situation, the majority of them would know Ralph was correct in thinking a fire was a necessary for smoke in making a signal for a large chance at rescue than without one. Only immature brained individuals like most of boys were on the island, would think otherwise and not realize their lives depend upon that smoke
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