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Biography of Vincent Van Gogh – Starry Night (1889)
Vincent Van Gogh an extraordinary artist was born in Holland, March 30, 1853 and died at a young age of 37 years old on July 29, 1890. He received his education in boarding school, then went to middle school without completing. Gogh did not further his education after dropping out. He showed no talent in art in his early childhood. However, his relative took him under his wing to work as an assistant. He was trained as an apprentice at his job. Meanwhile, Vincent picked up the ability in creative writing, mostly to his family (Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam).
Next, Vincent Van Gogh transferred to Paris where he became intrigued with the church. During his journey, he became very religious. Van
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He took lessons and practiced until he mastered his artistic ability and surrounded himself around other artist to gain knowledge of the skill. He traveled where he could enjoy the beauty of the landscapes away from city life to capture the beauty and serenity which inspired him to create his artwork. Gogh’s biggest fan was his brother. Financially, Theo took care of the starving artist who no longer could not afford to. The obscure images that Gogh has created was not selling, Vincent initiated adding color to his art pieces in hopes that the pictures would begin to retail, to help repay his brother (Van Gogh Museum in…show more content…
Van Gogh wrote several letters and his family and friend before painting Starry Night. To his friend Emile Bernard, Vincent Van Gogh writes: I won’t hide from you that I don’t dislike the country, as I have been brought us there – I am still charmed by the magic of hosts of memories of the past, of a longing for the infinite, of which the sower, the sheaf are the symbols – just as much as before. But when shall I paint my starry sky, that picture which preoccupies me continuously? (Lauren Soth 301) He usually likes to paint visionary, however Van Gogh relied on recollections of the events that happened previously in his life. By the same token, the church portrays an important time in his life when he preached. Lauren Soth argues, “Starry Night is a religious picture, a sublimation of impulses that, since Van Gogh’s loss of faith in the Church, could not find their outlet in conventional Christian imagery” (301). Starry Night is versions from his past life where Vincent geared away from ministry and became mentally challenged. Vincent created Starry Night during the time he spent in the mental institution. According to Van Gogh: The Starry Night, “In 1889, van Gogh entered a hospital to be treated for the mental, illness he battled throughout his life; it was there that he created his most famous painting” (28). The doctors allowed him to sketch during his treatment
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