Video Analysis: The Angry Eye By Jane Elliott

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1. Bryn M. Scully SOC101 Sec. 5 Dorothy De Boer
2. Summery: In the video "The Angry Eye" with Jane Elliott she begins by getting a sample class of college students for her exercise. Ms. Elliott then separates the college students according to eye color to make a dominate, "powerful" group of brown eye colored individuals and a non-dominate group of the remaining eye colors. These two groups are separated once eye color is determined and Jane Elliott briefly explains the role of being the powerful group and treating the other group as inferior and less powerful than they are. The room is then prepared where the brown eyed individuals look in and in a way down on the other group. Ms. Elliott then goes through a multitude of examples in which she scrutinizes the less powerful group to reinforce the fact that because they are …show more content…

Prejudice is a "rigid and unfair generalization about an entire catagory of people" (Textbook). More specifically Elliott uses the brown eyed group to become prejudice towards the blue eyed group with taunts and inferior position to get the point across of how uncomfortable and cruel it actually is. This contrasts with directly with stereotyping of people and groups. This is "a simplified description that applies to every person in some category" (Textbook). Elliott explains throughout the exercise that groups such as the black community are stereotyped into what the white or majority community wants to see or picture them as what they want them to be rather than actually acknowleging and accepting them for who they are. This connects to how we had read examples in the textbook of how people believe the Asian community conducts unfair business deals and how the stereotyping of the Hispanic and Asian communities have an excessive amount of children in their

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