Victor Frankenstein Responsibility And Responsibility

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In The Road and in Frankenstein, responsibility is a key characteristic that is either highly valued and used or quickly squandered and ignored. The way that each book and it’s respective characters use responsibility differs greatly and can only be paralleled through how differently they each decide to use it. The task of responsibility and seeing the use and misuse of it is very obvious as both the man and the boy and Victor Frankenstein with his creature wrestle to either use or run from their responsibilities.
In The Road, the boy and the man have to be responsible for each other and themselves. In a dull gray and destroyed world, if they don’t watch out for each other they’ll die. The importance of responsibility rests heavily on the shoulders
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Victor Frankenstein creates a monster out of pieces of dead people and then as soon as the creature opens his eyes, Victor abandons him. He didn’t understand the implications of responsibility as he worked on bringing his creature to life. Whether he desired the god-like power of giving life or was so enamored with his own work is unknown, but it seems that the last thing he was thinking of was taking responsibility for his actions. The idea of responsibility and the lack of responsibility on Victor Frankenstein’s part was what eventually brought his…show more content…
Frankenstein wasn’t an evil mad man, but a selfish, irresponsible one. He cared solely about himself to the point where he allowed his creation to murder his family and his friends and his fiancé. By the time Victor decided to be responsible, it was too late. Responsibility isn’t easy, and maybe it wouldn’t have caused different outcomes for Victor and maybe it was luck that kept the man and the boy alive. But in the end, when the man died, his son was able to go on. When Victor passed on, his creation goes off into the frozen wasteland to end his life. The responsibility of one person doesn’t just solely affect them, but also has an impact, either positive or negative, on those around them. Responsibility in The Road led to survival and to life while the lack of it in Frankenstein led to death, destruction, and a hard lesson
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