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The author of Divergent ,Veronica Roth, analyzes as to why people act and thinks the way they do and to why they defy the system. She uses the psychological aspects of behavior genetics, neuroscience, and social cultural. The norms are what allow societies to thrive, without the norms society would go into chaos as no one would be able to be kept in line. Divergent follows the life of a young girl who is faced with the choice to decide in which faction to spend the rest of her days. Unlike her peers and fellow city, she is not in the norm she can not be just one personal trait nor could she be manipulated through simulations. In this utopian society everyone is classified into five factions based on mental state; However, Beatrice Prior’s mental state can not be classified into just one faction as her brain structure and genetics are not damaged, like the vast majority of the city.
Genetic Damaged
Everyone in the factions has a place, everyone has one genetic trait, all except the divergent. In the book Divergent there are five factions, each faction was made up by one personality trait. The traits were Abnegation (selfless), Amity (peace), Candor (honesty), Dauntless (brave), and Erudite (intelligent). After taking a serum that stimulates the brain to produce simulations in which the different simulation eliminated one faction. The main character Tris ( originally named Beatrice Prior) did not eliminate four factions but had an inconclusive result, as she only eliminated two factions out of the five possible factions. It is later revealed that the factions were created within a fenced city to protect it from the outside. The outside is full of constant violent war; this is caused by damaged genetics that causes th...

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...ith her memory erased to contribute the divergent population.

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