Various Attitudes Toward Love in Romeo and Juliet

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In the first scene of Act one there is the servants Sampson and Gregory talking about sexual love. As they both talk about taking girls virginity. They both sound arrogant as they talk as if it is through experience. To them the thoughts of taking a girl’s virginity seems a joking matter.

“... maidenheads – take it...” (maidenheads – virginities)

They speak of women as assets instead of people; the two boys also use love as though it is a weapon to hurt. So saying love is painful.

Sampson and Gregory are itching for a fight as they both believe that they have just as much right to defend the name ‘capulet’ as any other member of the family. So there is also this love for the name and for the fight as though they are children awaiting presents.

“The quarrel is between our masters and us their men”

There is a parental love for Romeo as Lady and Lord Montague worry about where Romeo gets to. They worry about his welfare; they wish to know what he has been doing. So they ask Benvolio to find out as it is unlikely that Romeo will tell them, they want to help him.

“Could we but lea...

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