Van Gogh Research Paper

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Vincent Willem van Gogh was born on the 30th of March 1853 in Zundert, the Netherlands. Van Gogh’s family worked in religion or art. As a child van Gogh attended the local school, he was later home school with his sister by his governess. From 1861 he went to Jan Provily's boarding school until 1866 then he attended Willem II collage where he was taught to draw by a well-known French artist, Constantijn C. Huysmans, and developed a love for it and deciding that he wanted to become an artist. In 1868 van Gogh dropped out of school. In 1869 van Gogh got a position with the art dealer Goupil and Cie, after being trained, in 1873 he was transferred to London and then transferred to Paris in 1875. After that transfer he changed his mind and decided he wanted to become a pastor. Van Gogh’s family sent him to go study theology in Amsterdam in 1887. When he had been working as a pastor for a while his brother Theo convinced him to become an artist and Theo supported him financially. In 1881 van Gogh after completing 9 months of further education, he moved back in with his parents. When he ...
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