Vampire Stories

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In Dead Until Dark, Vampires seem to be attracted to the Bon Temps area because it is a place where they are acknowledged and protected. In Twilight, vampires are more of a fable; however, they still blend with human beings and only a select few know that they exist. Dead until Dark and Twilight are two suspenseful, romantic novels that is about a young girl who falls in love with a dangerous vampire. Bella and Edward’s relationship shows similar characteristics to that of Sookie and Bills. In Twilight, Bella and Edward gives the impression that they have a healthier relationship than Sookie and Bill. Both of their relationships share comparisons and contrasts that make the books analogous. First, when comparing the relationships, it is significant to know where the girls came from and how they met their vampire lover. In Twilight, Bella moved from Phoenix Arizona to the small, quiet town of Folks Washington to live with her father, Charlie. On Bella’s first day at her new school, she met Edward in the science class they happen to have together. It was ideal how there had coincidentally been an empty seat next to Edward, which left Bella to be paired up with him for the lab assignment. Since the moment Bella noticed Edward, she thought he was the most beautiful guy she had ever seen. During the lessons of the lab assignment, Edward seemed to become more and more repulsed by Bella, which made him want to switch out of the class and get far away from her. Edward had given Bella the ‘cold shoulder’ for a while and had disappeared for a few days -which infuriated her. She was bewildered and confused as to where he could have gone, in addition to being depressed and irritated by the fact he was avoiding her. Though, as soon she saw ... ... middle of paper ... ...ame out of their coffins two years prior. In Twilight, Edward shared similar vampire characteristics to that of Bill; however, there were many more differences. Edward appeared as kind, courteous, thoughtful and protective and rarely let Bella out of his sight. Bill was the kind of vampire that drinks human blood, comes out at night, and has special healing powers. Bill has had been in trouble several times before, as well as, had trouble follow him wherever he went All though both Bill and Edward have potential to be extremely dangerous vampires, they are still drawn towards the human girls. Bella and Sookie had becomes mesmerized and obsessed towards their powers and looks, that they both gave up their virginity. All in all, both relationships share a lot of similar characteristics, but in general Bella and Edwards would be the healthier one.
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