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In this Essay I am going to explain and talk about the two short stories known as “The-Thirty nine steps” it’s a book that has mystery, adventure and action in its content. This story starts with a man named Hannay that had recently came back to his country after being in Africa most of his life, the problem is that he is boring but his life changes when a man come to his door and tell him a plan of an evil organization that wants to start a war by killing a Prime Minister of two powerful countries. Hannay didn’t believe this but his perspective changes when the he found the man with a big knife going across his heart, and after this his life changes completely from being a normal man in a normal city to the last hope to stop a war. The other story “The Everest story” has Adventure and Drama and it’s about some climbers in our century that discover the dead bodies of two men at the top of the Everest and then the story gives a retrospective where it tell to us how these climbers get to the top of the Everest but the mountain will not surrender so easily and not all the climbers will survive in the betrayer Mount Everest. The thirty nine steps: This story starts when a man named Hannay is in his house waiting for an adventure when a man named Scudder appear very scared and frightened because there were people after him. Scudder tell Hannay everything about his mission to stop an organization named (Black Stone) to kill the prime minister named Karolides that was the only one that could prevent a war from two powerful countries. Hannay didn’t believe the story. In the second day was normal until Hannay watch a horrible scene in which Scudder was in the floor with a giant knife across his heart, when Hannay see this he escaped thank... ... middle of paper ... ...nd maybe a traumatic or an unexpected ending like the Thirty-nine and the Everest story truly share. Another characteristic that a short story like this one have is the dramatic structure that is kind the same that the book reports have that is: Exposition, Complication, Crisis, Climax and Resolution. With all these characteristic the two books that I had introduced to you are qualified as “Short Stories”. For my conclusion I have to say that I had learn many things about these two stories by retaking each theme and the definitions of what is a short story help me to improve my knowledge. Another thing that help me was that I needed to read the books again to make me sure about adding some information so by reading again I start to understand more the book. Again for my conclusion I think I had learned many things about what are the sort stories and the books too.

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