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1401 words

Nearly everyone has a dream in life that they desperately want to accomplish. Without these dreams people wouldn’t strive to accomplish what makes them happy. Sometimes happiness might be hard to reach because of obstacles faced in life. The obstacles which one faces and how they can overcome them are remarked in Anne Lauren’s Carter short story “Leaving the Iron Lung”. In order for the author to show that one must overcome faced obstacles to pursue their dreams, she uses the protagonist transformation, contrasting characters and settings. In the short story "Leaving the Iron Lung" Carter, Anne Laurel Carter emphasizes contrasting characters to demonstrate that dreams and safety have their own limits. First, Agathe represents Pauline’s safety …show more content…

When Marie tries to ask the protagonist to take a walk, this action shows that she is trying to achieve Pauline’s dream by getting her outside of the house. Therefore, she could finally feel the true meaning of freedom. Nevertheless, Pauline’s mother’s response demonstrates that she wants her daughter’s safety more than anything. The mother tries to keep Pauline away from the danger, so the protagonist can at last have a healthier life. However, Agathe’s reply shows that her mother is willing to sacrifice Pauline’s dream to keep her secure. Therefore, the author uses contrasting characters to mention that safety is more valuable. Furthermore, the protagonist starts to describe Tante Marie and reveals that she always has her hair “around her shoulder” (85). When Pauline describes Marie, Pauline shows how her Tante is open-minded. In fact, Marie helps Pauline to let go of her limitations and to get a taste of her dream. Therefore, Marie always wants Pauline to go outside and play hockey or even to take a walk. These actions that Pauline’s Tante takes show how she is determinate to make Pauline’s dream come true. Thus, the author …show more content…

While reading the short story, the author demonstrates that Pauline, the protagonist is having a hard time. At first, Anne Carter uses the main character to show us that her transformation helps her from reaching her dream. Also, the author employs contrasting characters to mention the current state of Pauline’s safety and ambition. At last, Laurel uses settings to show us that the protagonist is ready to sacrifice her safety to attain her dream. Finally, Anne’s point is aimed at everyone, not only people who have a difficult body condition, but also the people that desperately want to achieve their dream. To read a story that deals with this theme makes us realize that it is not everyone that can accomplish what they really want in their

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how anne lauren's carter short story "leaving the iron lung" shows that one must overcome faced obstacles to pursue their dreams.
  • Analyzes how anne laurel carter emphasizes contrasting characters to demonstrate that dreams and safety have their own limits.
  • Analyzes how anne carter uses contrasting characters to show people that safety and dreams are both important.
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