Use of Technology in Physical Education

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Teaching Physical Education in an elementary school can be a rather difficult task. Even when the subject of PE is brought up in a casual conversation the general response is something to the effect of “all you do is roll the balls out and watch the kids play.” If the teacher does not keep things interesting, class participation will fall by the wayside. There are many ways to combat this lack of understanding in PE. The teacher must always be able to relate classroom activities to the real world, higher order thinking must be involved and there must be an effective use of technology to keep students active. Effectively using technology in the classroom the teacher will be able to facilitate active learning by engaging students in PE activities only imagined by other people. When a teacher is willing to apply anything new to their classroom it is important to have a clear understanding of scope and sequence. Scope and sequence is vital in whole school planning and in the planning of individual learning sequences. Consideration of scope includes decisions about what is significant and manageable. Consideration of sequence includes decisions about what is necessary for sequential development of both skills and concepts In PE as well as other classes it is important for a teacher to have a list of standards visible to ensure that the technologically integrated lessons are aligned with both state and federal standards. One must also be sure that higher order thinking skills are being developed through both the transfer and assessment of such material. In today’s day and age acquiring information can be a difficult process. One can never be sure if sources are accurate. As a result, when conducting searches with regards to s... ... middle of paper ... use research techniques which will maximize their success levels. Teachers must also be well equipped to separate truth and fiction along with fact and opinion. In order to do so one must be well versed in not only the subject content but also the technological content. While some students and schools have greater advantages over others, it is up to the teachers and students to maximize their efficiency and use their available resources with regards to technology wisely. By encouraging technological developments in our schools and classrooms both teachers and students will benefit. When technology is implemented it is important that it is used correctly and be in direct correlation with the state and federal standards. If technology is used improperly it can be extremely counter productive and have a negative impact on the development of scope and sequence.

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